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Champions! The Last Defense - Info

Champions! The Last Defense
4.2/5.0 - 37 ratings

Date: 2015-11-21

2454 Users Played

Help your Champions or hero defeat the endless horde of monster evading on your land. Champions The Last Defense is a mix of RPG + Infinite Runner + Defense Games! Equip your Champions with armor and weapon loot drops. Fight bosses and other minions with unique attacks. Earn gold for defeating bosses that will help you permanently upgrade your Champions. Complete quest to earn extra gold, quest are also infinite so you never run out! Save your progress between levels, no longer do you need to beat your high score in one sitting! Unlock new Champions to join you in battle! More Champions, loot drops, levels to be added at least Monthly!


Drag a Champion’s Banner to move them.
Press on Champion Abilities then press on the target to use them.
Press on loot to pick it up.


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