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Astrox - Info

4.2/5.0 - 25 ratings

Date: 2014-03-26

2174 Users Played

Sentenced to life for thought crimes against the Corporate Federation, you’ve been exiled to the mining system of Astrox. Forced to break rocks in hopes of buying your freedom, there is little chance of survival. Mine asteroids, Transport trade goods, hunt pirates in this procedurally created star system. Astrox – Hostile Space Excavation, is similar to EVE, with a sprinkle of homeworld.


In Game Tutorial Available.
Point and Click navigation.
WASD or Arrow keys (Manual Flight Controls)
(p) Toggle Pilot view / Overhead view
(e – q) Accelerate, Decelerate engines
(space bar) cycle sensors view
(1-7) Activate Modules
(esc) Options Menu


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