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Basketball Legends 2019 - Info

Basketball Legends 2019
3.9/5.0 - 8 ratings

Date: 2019-06-14

343 Users Played

Basketball Legends 2019 is a cartoony basketball game with bobblehead NBA players. Who is your MVP? Stephen Curry, Lebron James, The Greek Freak, or James Harden? Compete in tournament mode to win and become a champion or just play casually in free random match or practice mode. Play with yourself or with a friend on the same local computer.


Player 1 :
Arrow: Move
L|X : Shoot/Steal
K|Z : Supershot
Down Arrow: Pump/Block

Player 2 :
WASD: Move
L|B: Shoot/Steal
K|V: Supershot
S: Pump/Block


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