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Zombs Royale (IO) - Info

Zombs Royale (IO)
4.4/5.0 - 50 ratings

Date: 2018-03-24

3631 Users Played

Zombs Royale (IO) is a ultimate real-time online battle royale with real players from all over the world. Your goal is to find weapons and get survive as long as possible. Loot. Battle. Survive. Think of this game as a 2D version of Love Fortnite or PUBG. The match starts when players are dropped from an airplane and parachute down to loot for weapons and kill enemies. The map is pretty big, so you can hide if you need want to. Here is a tip to get started. Finding the best and rarest weapons is very important to help you stay alive. It ranges from a white common to a red mythic. Enjoy it on Creetor.


WASD – Movement

Left click – Shoot

E – Interact


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