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Tractron 2020 - Info

Tractron 2020
4.5/5.0 - 2 ratings

Date: 2020-03-09

44 Users Played

You’re in DEEP SPACE surrounded by ALIENS with nothing but your wits – and your TRACTOR BEAM! TRACTRON 2020 is a throwback to arcade invader-style shmups of the early 80s with a TWIST. Reel enemies in and use their weapons AGAINST THEM! THREE unique weapons! SEVEN levels of difficulty! How high can you score?



-Your regular shot can’t HURT enemies, but it does make them ANGRY – use it to lure them in and TRACTOR BEAM them!

-Enemies will shoot at you in later stages, but don’t worry – you can use CAPTURED ENEMIES to BLOCK BULLETS!


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