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EX4CE Beginnings - Info

EX4CE Beginnings
4.4/5.0 - 7 ratings

Date: 2020-07-17

133 Users Played

EX4CE comes as a successor to the “Shmupnage” game released a while back. It follows the progress of a space cadet named Lancy in her struggle to liberate a Lothian space colony of the imminent space threat: “These things, seem to be nest or boss like controlled bio-organisms, annihilating and assimilating everything in their path.” The Ex4cE are mainly formed from former Freedom Fighters United (FFU) personnel. The main reason for the split is that the FFU are now corporate-funded and taking advantage o the threat situation through “Planetary Protection Plans” which are in truth just meant to draw in resources in exchange for rather brief times of security.


– Use your MOUSE or any other pointing device to move.

– CLICK AND HOLD to shoot the main weapon. Missiles also shoot periodically when you hold down your mouse button and can be used to clear enemy bullets. Player Bots also shoot at nearest enemy targets… everything can be upgraded for a game currency price.

– DOUBLE CLICK to shoot the “Big Lazor”. Quickly clear out patches of baddies and bullets with this escape nasty situations game mechanic.


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