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Drunken Duel - Info

Drunken Duel
3.8/5.0 - 9 ratings

Date: 2020-07-10

289 Users Played

Take control of your drunken dummy ragdoll with a gun that must be the first one to deal the fatal blow. Fire your gun at the right time and defeat your opponent. Don’t waste bullets, keep the target in sight! The game rules are very simple, you must first choose which mode you will play. If you want to play the game alone, you should choose 1 player mode. When you select this mode, the computer will match you with a bot playing at random difficulty, each game consists of five matches, to score points in each match, you must lower your opponent’s energy level and maintain your own energy level. whose energy is reset first loses and his opponent scores and wins the game with a total of five points.


Player 1: “W”
Player 2: “UP ARROW KEY”


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