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Abduct And Destroy! - Info

Abduct And Destroy!
4.0/5.0 - 1 ratings

Date: 2021-09-12

4 Users Played

Play as a UFO that had just arrived on Earth with the mission of Adduct and Destroy and create as much chaos as possible. It is procedurally generated so each playthrough is different. Depending on your score, you may also receive secret codes, which will enhance your ship in different ways.


Escape – pause to receive more hints.

Keyboard or Gamepad

WASD or Left Analog Stick- Movement

Space or Left Trigger – Fire Abduction ray

Left Click or Right Trigger – Fire Weapon

Shift or A – Dash

Quick Tutorial :

1. Abduct to gain energy.

2. Enemies have red shields, which need to be destroyed before they can be abducted.

3. Objects in the background can be abducted for smaller amounts of energy.

4. Shooting an enemy bullet will allow you to abduct it or even use it against him.


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