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The Epic Gang - Info

The Epic Gang
4.3/5.0 - 13 ratings

Date: 2016-07-24

659 Users Played

The Epic Gang is an hack ‘n’ slash RPG where story, exploration, combat and puzzle will fuse together to create an immersive game experience. Powerful foes await ahead, be ready to destroy them all. Story: There is a mysterious continent that floats above the clouds called The Vault. Explore it, fight foes, and discover the mysterious of the past. Developer note: – Play the game with Firefox for a better experience (important for low-spec pc). – Playable with XBox360 Gamepad (others need configuration). – Press P/Options/Controls to see all the game controls. Enjoy it on Creetor.


Arrow – Move
A – Interract
Q – Attack (Press more for combo)
W – Cure Flask
D/D+Left/D+Right – Dodge
1/2/3/4 – Weapon Skill
P – Pause
Explained in-game


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