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Little Cabin in the Woods: Forgotten Hill - Info

Little Cabin in the Woods: Forgotten Hill
3.0/5.0 - 4 ratings

Date: 2020-04-25

82 Users Played

A violent tragic event of the past forced you to live for years locked up in the little cabin in the woods, but the day has come when you will get out of there, whatever the cost … Could you escape from the little cabin in the woods? But, above all, are you sure you want to? We are proud to introduce a new series of stories set in the grotesque world of Forgotten Hill: Forgotten Hill: Tales. The first one – Little Cabin in the Woods – is a short game featuring: – Challenging puzzles and riddles – Strange new characters that expand the world of Forgotten Hill – A twisted plot that unveils new strange events happened in Forgotten Hill – Our innovative hint system: if you are stuck watch a video to get help – All text translated into 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Russian Check out www.forgotten-hill.com to find out new secrets about Forgotten Hill.


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