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Isolated Subject - Info

Isolated Subject
4.2/5.0 - 5 ratings

Date: 2015-12-27

586 Users Played

In Isolated Subject, in each level you find yourself in multiple different worlds each with other own unique behaviors, figure out the unique behavior of each world in each level, connect the multiple world together to be about to collect the cubes and reaching the exit door.An atmospheric puzzle-platformer featuring 20 levels. Hint: -Figure out what each world can do. Even jumping off the edge in Level 4. – The only controls you have to work with are the directional keys so experiment with them (holding them down, jumping a lot, etc.). Sometimes the best way to see what ability a world gives you is to go to another world and bring it with you (since some of the worlds are flat and/or don’t allow you to fall to your death, this prevents you from finding out the world’s ability). – For some reason, the W key will work in activating an ability when the up arrow does not. Possibly an oversight on the developer’s part. Keep this in mind. – You will have to switch between the abilities in mid-air to complete some of the puzzles.


WASD/Arrows: Moving/Jumping.
Space: Connect/disconnect worlds.
1,2,3,4: Switch worlds.
Esc: Pause game.
M: Mute game.


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