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Defuse it - Info

Defuse it
4.2/5.0 - 5 ratings

Date: 2015-12-21

526 Users Played

In Defuse it, you job is to help defuse a bomb, before the timer hit zero. There three difficult levels, will you be able to beat all three? Will you defuse it before it goes off? You must read and use the Manual for this type of bomb. It is much more enjoying playing it with a partner. 1 PLAYER If you are playing alone, prepare your manual Read the basic instructions in the manual When you are ready, you can start the game! Follow the instructions. 2 PLAYERS For better experience I recommend playing the game with a friend Player 1 is defusing the bomb, while Player 2 is giving him the instructions from the manual. Player 1 can’t look into the manual and Player 2 can’t look at the bomb that is being defused by Player 1 If the players are ready they can start the game


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