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DBZ Ultimate Power 2 - Info

DBZ Ultimate Power 2
4.3/5.0 - 2048 ratings

Date: 2017-04-21

114059 Users Played

Enter the battle arena with more than 70 Z Warriors in DBZ Ultimate Power 2. Create by Tsunami Arcade (Cloudkel / TsunamiCoding). Play as Goku, Vegeta, Lord Beerus, Future Trunks, Broly and more! New Features: 2 Player mode for double the action! 70+ characters including characters from Dragon Ball Super and DBZ Movies! Teleportation Attack System for high speed action! All new original soundtrack! Blast to Blast Collision System for countering special moves! Enjoy it on Creetor.


Check in-game tutorial menu to see learn controls.

Please be patience while it loads, file size is pretty large.

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