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Video Exorcist - Info

Video Exorcist
4.0/5.0 - 1 ratings

Date: 2020-07-17

11 Users Played

Video Exorcist is a fun little arcade game where you lose one of your controller buttons each time you get hit by an enemy. When a kid gets swallowed up by the TV because of a cursed video game, a mother cries for help. The only way to save them is by performing an exorcism! However, the one performing the ritual must be skilled, since the evil spirit within the cartridge has the power to curse the controller and stack the odds against anyone who dares to plays the game.


Defeat all enemies to advance through each level.
Getting hit by an enemy curses your controller gradually, taking away your actions.
Regain your actions by collecting their floating essences throughout the level.
Z or J Throw a Talisman Strong attack
X or K Flying Kick Weak attack, stuns enemies, Auto-aims
Arrow Keys or WASD Movement You can also wrap around the stage


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