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Trial of the Sorcerer - Info

Trial of the Sorcerer
4.5/5.0 - 2 ratings

Date: 2021-09-11

6 Users Played

Grab your magic staff and venture deep into the demon realm to defeat Bahmott and his evil servants! Trial of the Sorcerer is a procedurally generated 3D first person shooter inspired by Wolfenstein 3D and Catacomb Abyss. Shoot monsters, collect loot, find keys to unlock doors, and try to find the exit to the next level. And don’t forget to pickup the power crystals to level-up your magic staff along the way.


Doors with a small black keyhole require keys. Each door requires a specific key, so if one won’t open it means you don’t have the right key yet.

Arrows = Move X = Shoot Z = Hold to strafe


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