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Ninja Crusaders - Info

Ninja Crusaders
4.4/5.0 - 28 ratings

Date: 2015-07-06

3963 Users Played

One day, a force of alien invaders wreaked havoc on our planet Earth from the furthest reaches of outer space, wreaking havoc on its inhabitants and killing most of them.[5] This new menace was stronger than out most powerful defenses and proved to be unstoppable. In Japan, brave ninja warriors rose from the shadows to battle the alien invaders, but were eventually driven out as the menace took control of their homeland. Some of the ninjas escaped Japan and scattered to remote lands around the world.[5] But their passion to reclaim their land and crush the enemy's rage. It was decided that two ninjas, Talon and Blade, would be sent to destroy the evil.


Use arrow keys for D-Pad

Use Z for button A, X for button B

Use Space for Select

Use Enter for Start


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