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Necromancer 2: The Crypt of the Pixels - Info

Necromancer 2: The Crypt of the Pixels
3.8/5.0 - 11 ratings

Date: 2017-12-02

534 Users Played

Join three friends on their adventure through the creepy pixelated world of Necromancer 2: The Crypt of the Pixels. Leo, Amy and Sam found themselves trapped inside a pixelated video game and need your help as they face new dangers, strange enemies and stealthy traps to reach the dark Crypt of the Pixels. Be in command of the team and escape from this adventure 8-bit 3D with eighties-like aesthetics. They had been separated and you must help them reunite and work through a series of video game levels. During each level you must complete a range of challenges, avoid the scary monsters and watch out for the various obstacles that will hinder your progress. The gameplay is fun, the graphics are cool and pixelated and the storyline is also engaging. Will you be able to reunite the three best friends, and defeat the evil Necromancer once more? Enjoy it on Creetor.


Use WASD or arrow keys to move.


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