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Minute of Rage - Info

Minute of Rage
3.5/5.0 - 6 ratings

Date: 2017-01-21

333 Users Played

Escape from hell by lasting for than one minute in the arena of suffering. The devil love playing games with newcomers, he said a deal with you that if you are able to survive for one minute his elaborately made so call “Arena of Suffering” he’ll let you go, that sounds like a good deal, except it is going to be very hard. ***DISCLAIMER*** This game is hard. It may cause rage. ***CONTROLS*** You can use keyboard and that’s fine. But this game also has gamepad support. You should give it a try! Enjoy it on Creetor.


If the controls doesn’t work, click inside of the game to select it.

THis game uses only the keyboard and gamepad if you have one.


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