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Midget Mager - Info

Midget Mager
4.3/5.0 - 18 ratings

Date: 2017-11-22

1187 Users Played

Join the adventure of a small mage and help recover the stolen Earth Orb! Midget Mager is a fun pixelated adventure platformer. Traverse the forest, cross lakes, and climb a mountain to finally reach the tower where the orb is heavily guarded! Enjoy it on Creetor.


Gamepad Controls:
– D-Pad Left & Right to Walk
– Hold X button to Run
– Press A button to Jump, twice to Double-Jump
– Hold D-Pad Down in the air for the FlameDrop
– Press Start to Pause the game

Keyboard Controls:
– Left & Right Arrows to Walk
– Hold X key to Run
– Press C key to Jump, twice to Double-Jump
– Hold Down arrow in the air for the FlameDrop
– Press Enter to Start and Pause the game

– Use the Flamedrop to break blocks, and interact with other objects
– When a Spell Tome is acquired, FlameDrop any solid surface to cast spells
– Beat the boss of stage 1-3 to win!


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