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Juniper Keep Assassins - Info

Juniper Keep Assassins
3.8/5.0 - 17 ratings

Date: 2017-10-18

676 Users Played

Go on a mission as a member of the Juniper Keep squad to take down the Haima Corporation. Juniper Keep Assassins short, amazing and beautiful game with pixelated graphic and smooth gameplay. Enjoy it on Creetor.


Default Controls:
[Arrow Keys]: Move
[Z]: Jump
[X]: Attack

Menu Controls:
[Enter]: Select
[Esc]: Return
[Arrow Keys]: Change Options

Climb on Walls: When jumping or falling, hold [Left] or [Right] against a wall to start climbing. Hold [Up] or [Down] to move, press [Jump] to jump away or hold [Down]+[Jump] to drop.

Cling on Ceiling: Hold [Up] When your head touches the ceiling to start clinging, hold [Left] or [Right] to move. Hold [Down]+[Jump] to drop.

Auto-Jump platforms: When jumping under a platform the character can perform an auto-jump. On walls or ceilings, hold [Up] under a platform to jump.
Sub-Weapons: Hold [UP] and press [Attack] to utilize a sub-weapon if available. Each sub-weapon requires a certain quantity of ammo.

Special Moves:
[Down]>[Up]>[Attack]: Rising uppercut, can be used on ground or airborne.
[Down]>[Left] or [Right]>[Attack]: Slide, can be used on ground only.


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