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Dolidon - Info

3.7/5.0 - 3 ratings

Date: 2017-04-28

247 Users Played

Dolidon is a funny launching game about a dad and a squirrel. A crazy squirrel had gotten into your house and stolen your dad’s golden key, which is one of his most prized possession. After chasing the squirrel your dad jump down the window with his rollerblade on. Help your dad chase down the squirrel and retrieve the golden key by balancing him and bouncing him off other animals and people. Collect fruits to restore a portion of energy and collect money to buy upgrades. You can also collect empty plastic bag to equip a random cool mask. When trapped with objects or animals, follow the indicated button to set free. Try to conserve his energy and fly as far as possible. Enjoy it on Creetor.


Space bar to stop roulette and use turbo
Left and right arrow keys to balance
Up arrow key to make an impulse fly and increase your speed
Down arrow key to free fall


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