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Christmas Rage - Info

Christmas Rage
3.3/5.0 - 4 ratings

Date: 2017-12-23

172 Users Played

Santa is raging mad this year in Christmas Rage. This year all the childrens are pissing off Santa with their flashy gadgets and shoving it into Santa’s face, which trigger him into a bitter old man who doesn’t like this job anymore.This Christmas Santa packs his bag with vegetables, fruits and twisted toys, to teach those little princesses and mamas boys. What are you going to drop on these poor little b… eautiful children? Potatoes, onions, pickles, carrots, bananas, oranges, coconuts, pineapples, eggplants, melons or maybe some of the twisted toys? One more thing… Christmas elves are pretty nasty too. Enjoy it on Creetor.


Left mouse button to drop gifts


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