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Cell.sh - Info

4.0/5.0 - 21 ratings

Date: 2017-04-01

805 Users Played

A fun multiplayer online survival IO game that is similar to Agar.io. Start as a small cell, eat smaller dots or other players to gain mass. You can get inside a virus (green circle) to hide and avoid larger players. But beware, when your mass is larger than your cell is going to split.Split your cell with SPACE key to attack and eat players with smaller cells. You can also play in different game modes. Simply enjoy the game without login or registration, but if you want more, you can easily log in with Facebook or Google account to customize your cell’s avatar. How big can you grow? Enjoy it on Creetor.


Use your mouse to move
W to feed
Space bar to split

Different gamemode rules :

[Free for All]
-Normal XP + Alive bonus XP.
-Teaming is not allowed In this GameMode. if you eject mass your mass will eat you more mass than it will give to another player.

[Solo Party]
-Normal XP divided by 3.
-You have 1 bot to team with.
-Teaming with other players is not allowed in this GameMode.

-Normal XP.
-Teaming is allowed.

[Crazy MergeSplit]
-Normal XP divided by 4
-Merge don’t need to wait 30 sec and you can split in 32 and not only 16

[Crazy Rush mod]
-Normal XP
-Be the biggest cell when the counter reach 0 and win normal xp + 5000 extra xp

[Chither bots mod]
-Normal XP divided by 4
-Normal party mod, but with your favourite chither bot :)


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