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A Palace for Fools - Info

A Palace for Fools
3.5/5.0 - 2 ratings

Date: 2020-04-24

72 Users Played

A Palace for Fools is a short Metroidvania game with gameplay inspired by Mega Man games on NES. Explore the flying palace; shoot enemies; learn new skills and use them to reach places you couldn’t reach before; travel to the past. You know how these games work. Story: They stopped believing in their own god… They decided they need a god no longer… They built a huge flying palace to rival their own god. It was a mistake.


If the keyboard does not work, move the mouse cursor around the screen. It should take the focus and thus make the keyboard work, although you might need to move the cursor outside the game canvas.

Arrow keys or left analogue stick or dpad: Move and climb
Z or (A) : Jump.
Jump button on air: If you have a rocket pack, you can press the jump button again on air to use “fly”.
Down + jump button: slide. A jar of lubricant is required.
X or (X): Shoot (requires a hand cannon).
Hold shoot button and release: Shoots a bigger, stronger bullet. Requires an improved hand cannon
Shift or (Back): Open a map, if you have one.
Enter or (Start): Open the pause menu. If you get stuck, you can find “Respawn” option there.


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